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Webinar: International business in Cairo, Egypt

Gepubliceerd op: 10 januari, 2022

Cairo is the largest city in Egypt, with a population of 20 million. The hustle and bustle of the city is especially noticeable in the traffic, which is emphatically present in the city throughout the day and, especially during rush hours, causes complete traffic jams in the heart of Cairo. The Nile is an important river for Cairo.

Egypt’s economy depends on agriculture, media, petroleum exports and tourism. The ability of the economy to keep up with the rapidly growing population is constantly challenged, especially with problems the acquisition of arable land and the unpredictability of rainfall and the Nile.

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– Introduction by Mr. Evert-Jan Schouwstra –WTC Leeuwarden
– Presenting Cairo video
– Cairo City and the business community in Egypt by Mr. Farag El Mahrouky – Head of Marketing & Customers Service WTC Caïro
– Dutch interest in Egypt and introduction about Netherlands-African Business Council by Mr. Rosmarijn Fens – Managing Director of NABC
– Doing business in Cairo by Dutch entrepreneur Mr. Piet Bosma – export manager at HZPC
– Q&A